Direct Source Seafood is a major importer andwholesaler of seafood into the US market.We are committed to delivering only the freshest,safest, highest quality seafood in the industry.Direct Source Seafood is committed to EnvironmentalSafety and Sustainability for all items wepurchase.Our vertical integration and scale-up capabilityallow us to execute specialized program sales.

Farmed White Shrimp

Our Chef's Net Select brand premium shrimp are "Phosphate Free", consistently high quality, succulent shrimp. We offer all product forms and sizes designed to fit every menu application. Chef’s Net Select shrimp is certified BAP 2, 3 and 4-star.


Wild Argentine Red Shrimp

Wild caught Icy Ocean Red Shrimp are one of the true gems of the sea. These ArgentineRed Shrimp are harvested in the crisp, cold, clear waters off the Patagonian coast ofArgentina. They have a sweet flavor and delicate texture reminiscent of lobster.These Deep-Water Red Shrimp are phosphate-free and are offered in all forms and sizes. The fishery is currently under MSC assessment.

Pasteurized Crab Meat

Ocean Legacy Blue Swimming Crab Meat (Portunus pelagicus), is sustainably sourced from the waters ofSoutheast Asia. It is hand-picked in the artisanal tradition. DirectSource Seafood’s fishery in Sri Lanka is listed by Monterey BaySeafood Watch as a “Good Alternative.” Ocean Legacy Blue Swimming Crab Meat (Callinectes spp.) is sustainably sourced from the waters of NorthAmerica with an "A" Rated FIP. It is hand-picked and contains no preservatives or additives, providing best in class premium crab meat that is quality assured and ready to eat. This fishery is also listed byMonterey Bay Seafood Watch as a “ Good Alternative.”A full assortment of product forms are available including our New OceanLegacy Crab Cake Blend. All crab meat items are foodservice and retail ready.

Snow Crab Clusters

Our succulent Opilio Snow Crab from Norway & Canada are one of the most popular crab items in the seafood industry. There are many menu applications, including an add-on to a steak dish, a seafood tower, an Ala Carte option, or served on a seafood buffet. Our pre-cookedSnow Crab clusters are available in4oz+, 5/8oz, 8oz+, 10oz+ and 12oz+sizes.

Pasteurized Crab Dips

Ocean Legacy microwaveable crab dips are made with premium ingredients and 100%real Callinectes Crab from North America. Chesapeake, Jalapeno and Cajun varieties are available. Refrigerated, 18- month shelf life. 6.5oz portion control.

Pasteurized Snow Crab Meat

Marine Treasures Snow Crab Meat is carefully hand-picked meat from premium Snow Crab Opilio, and a unique alternative to high-cost lobster meat applications. The product is fully cooked and ready to eat, with an 18-month shelf life. The Snow Crab meat has much less moisture and is easier to work with versus frozen blocks.

Wild “Day Boat” Mexican White Shrimp

Marine Treasures Wild Mexican chemical-free White Shrimp are caught in the Gulf of California, Mexico, and once frozen within 24hours of the catch. With shrimp as the only ingredient, this shrimp provides a sweet flavor and firm texture that puts it a step above the rest. We control processing from the boat to the finished product, bringing consistency with QC at the forefront. Our sustainably sourcedWild Mexican White Headless, shell-on block frozen product comes in20 lb. cases.

Southern Red Crab

Our Marine Treasures ArgentineSouthern Red Crab is MSC certified and a great alternative to high-cost King Crab. Clusters are full of meat, sweet and succulent.Size varieties come in 20/24 and20+ legs and claws. Clusters are also available.

Yellowfin Tuna

Our frozen tuna is available asIndividually Vacuum-PackedLoins, Steaks, Saku Blocks,1.5cm Cube (Poke) and GroundTuna. Standard CO-treated product or Natural product available